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Daniel Kruger was set up to concentrate solely on birth harm cases. Since the company’s commencement in 1997, our legitimate group has tended to the exceptional needs of our customers in an assortment of birth harm, pregnancy and infant medicinal misbehavior cases. We work intimately with driving therapeutic specialists, scientific experts and life care-arranging experts to decide the reasons for our customers’ wounds, the guesses of birth harmed kids and regions of medicinal carelessness. Our particular spotlight on birth harm permits our lawyers to give unparalleled lawful support of our customers.


Our Values

At the point when a friend or family member endures a preventable birth damage, it can feel difficult to comprehend and handle the restorative and lawful parts of the circumstance. Families are frequently left thinking about how they will discover the bolster, data and assets important to accommodate their introduction to the world harmed cherished one.

Empathy and Close Communication

Birth damage cases are frequently long, complex and candidly requesting. Past our attention on conveying unparalleled lawful administrations, our lawyers and staff work to assemble close, soothing and straightforwardly informative associations with customers. At each progression of the case procedure, our little, family-arranged group is there to bolster you and keep you educated.

Profundity of Focus

Birth damage cases require particular, broad learning of both law and solution. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the best results, our group trusts it’s basic to explicitly and solely handle birth harm cases.


Numerous organizations promote for birth harm benefits in any case allude cases to different firms for a charge. This is regular in birth damage law since so few lawyers particularly handle birth harm cases—customers whose cases fall under the control of referral firms frequently have not so much dependable but rather more unoriginal associations with their lawyers.

Our Experience

Lawful Experience

Our lawyers are all around arranged for the most difficult birth damage cases. With more than 60 years of joint legitimate experience, our lawful group has the training, capabilities, results and achievements important to succeed. We’ve taken care of cases including many diverse inconveniences, wounds and cases of restorative misbehavior identified with obstetrics and neonatal consideration.